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All India Radio & Electronics Association (AiREA) originally known as All India Radio Merchants Association A.I.R.M.A was formed in the year 1936 and was incorporated under the companies Act in the year 1941 with 4 zones. In the year 1948, the Zonal Office for East, West, South and North was established. In the year 1971 the name of All India Radio Merchants Association was changed to All India Radio & Electronics Association under the Companies Act 1956. Since then the AREA South Zone has been serving for the cause of Electronics Trade & Industry in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala & AndhraPradesh. The all India total membership is about 4000 members.

AREA promotes and protects the interests of the Electronics Trade and Industry including manufacturers, importers, exporters, Distributors, Wholesale & retail dealers and persons interested in the sale, repair, servicing, insurance or hire of radio, televisions and other wireless electronic goods through a common policy to safe guard their interests.

AREA promotes co-operation among companies connected with the electronic trade and industry and represents the views of members on any matters affecting the electronic trade and industry to the Government of India or the Local Government, Foreign Government, Chambers of Commerce and other public / private authorities by promoting or opposing the legislative measures affecting the industry. AREA arranges and provides facilities for conferences, exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures, excursions and other functions relating to the Trade and Industry. AREA through its representatives on various Government Committees makes a substantial contribution towards the nation building activities of the Government. Since AREA is one of the largest and the oldest Association recognized by the Governments, the views of matters affecting the Trade and Industry could be heard and considered by the concerned Government Authorities. AREA's experienced members guide fellow members in aspects of technical Trade and legal matters, relating to the Trade & Industry.

When there was shortage of Electronic Components (BEL valves) in the late 60's the association arranged to collect directly from the manufacturer and distributed to its members by fixing quotas. Similarly during the period of shortage of Eveready batteries in 70's the association by conducting dharna before Union Carbide Company arrange supplies of batteries to members by quota system. One of the major achievements in 80's was the total abolition of Wireless licence System for Radios & Televisions by representing continuously to the Government of India. This has relieved many dealers and the general public from the difficult task of maintaining the registers, renewal of licences and harassment. AREA has been instrumental in spreading the Television coverage to the length and breadth of the Country and also for increased program hours including other Indian languages. When the Television tubes were imported the manufacturers could get their picture tube quota through AREA. AREA was also responsible for abolition of Central excise on 14" Black & White Televisions and on economy radio receivers. The Small Scale industry could also get excise relief upto a certain turnover through AREA's representation to the Government of India.

Current Tasks
For the last Five to Six years, AREA has been representing to bring all electronic goods, parts and components into a single category and subject to Uniform rate of Tax, thus avoiding confusion and anomalies in the classification of Electronic goods. AREA has already become successful in bringing all electronic parts and components into a single category. Efforts are on to bring all electronic goods into a single category.


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